Welcome to the Curse of Anastasia.

Salem, South Carolina, gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains, is under a curse. It’s 1880, and The Staff of Anastasia holds the key to eliminating the curse.

The race is on between Good and Evil to find the four Crystals of various colors and powers held by the forces of Good and place them into The Staff of Anastasia to energize it and conquer the curse. Sadly, The Staff of Anastasia is in the hands of an Evil Guardian.

Who will find the Crystals that will empower The Staff of Anastasia to change the course of time and history?

Where can they find The Crystals? Where is the Evil Guardian? Who is The Keeper?

In 1994, in the same town of Salem, a young man bursts awake from a vivid nightmare. “Who was that young, mysterious, blindfolded lady at Potter’s cabin? And what was she running from? How did I know her? And who was the other lady with the dagger?”

When Daniel tries to explain the apparition to his Aunt May, she responds with a cryptic warning. “Clear your head, Daniel! The cabin at the river is the beginning of what isn’t there to see. It’s the light that’s a message of misunderstanding; lies made to look true. Truths made to look false.”

Read more to learn about time travel between 1880 and 1994, Daniel, Lydia, Tabitha, and Delilah, and what role the enigmatic Debbie plays in this fascinating saga.

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A Glimpse Inside – Meet Some of the Characters

Dakota and Doc Morrison (image ©)

“So this is why the Keeper assigned me to be the facilitator. To aid and assist in the gathering and protection of the Crystal Spheres. I couldn’t make out the other woman in the first image. Do you know her?”

“I’m not sure. The Crystal is weak, and the vision is blurry,” Dakota lowered his voice to a whisper. “All I know is The Keeper asked me to give you the fourth Orb and that you are to deliver it safely back to him before it’s too late. This next last day of the red full moon is when their cycle will change. A new ruler will be assigned. The Crystals will be very vulnerable until then. We can’t let them get into the wrong hands.”

Doc picked up the Crystal and examined it closely. “Okay, Dakota, don’t say anything to anyone. Go to the Inn. Meet me there at sunrise.”

Tabitha watched Doc and Dakota observing the Orb, straining to hear as much of the conversation as possible. I need to tell Father about this immediately.

Dakota, his senses heightened from anxiety, heard a rustle, turned abruptly and pulled open the curtain. Across the way, another curtain swayed slightly. He glanced down the hall, then back at Doc. Although suspicious someone was listening in on their conversation, Dakota stated, “It was nothing.”

Hours passed as Dakota explained everything to Doc.

“The Yellow Crystal Orb will stay with me. Don’t speak to anyone. Stay at the Fiddler Inn till morning,” Doc instructed. “Here are some greenbacks. I will see you at the crack of dawn.”

Dakota took the greenbacks and left. Then, like a thief in the night, he headed for the inn.

Tabitha! And the Cabin (image ©)

The cloth that covered her eyes slid down the bridge of her nose, making it easier to see. The glimmering moonlight periodically peeked through the trees and helped the young lady find her way as she stumbled down the path. She reached for a rickety railing, which helped her stand, making walking easier. Numbness and shock began to set in.

She knew that sound. The sound of water funnelling into the tight, narrow cavern meant she was close to the cabin. She picked up her pace, knowing the path would lead to freedom from the hell she had escaped. Lydia rounded the tall hedge. When she entered the walkway to the familiar cabin, she fell to the ground in despair. She hesitated, rose to her feet, and stepped back.

In the doorway, she saw the silhouette of a woman, her long hair fluttering in the breeze. Emotions rose deep from within the young lady’s soul. Slowly she started to walk backwards. Sheer fear gripped her as she watched the woman remove a dagger from her cloak. The blade shimmered as it caught the first flicker of daylight.

“Oh my, it’s—Tabitha!” The young lady turned to run, then gasped as someone grabbed her by the arm.

“Lydia!” A voice whispered.

Lydia screamed!

Lydia Enjoying Paradise (image ©)

Lydia smiled. “This looks like a good place to camp for the night.” She cleaned the berries and fruit she had collected in her woven basket. Then, putting the basket to the side, Lydia removed her garments. She grabbed some lilacs and flowers, tossing them in the water before stepping in. Her naked body relaxed, encased by the aroma of Lilacs in the refreshing spring water.

Several doves playfully flew around her, creating a sense of peace and calm. “I feel your presence, mother. I know you are with me.” Lydia enjoyed the serenity of the moment, so much so that she didn’t notice dusk setting in.

The moon seems much larger and brighter than ours, and the skies’ colours swirl around like the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights.) “Majestic!”

“I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be another challenging journey.”

Lydia drifted off to sleep thinking of all her mother’s adventurous stories.

She woke to the sound of tapping. Startled, Lydia quickly looked up. A sparrow had knocked her basket over while eating the fruit. Watching the sparrow reminded her of how her father would tap his pen.

I miss the way he tapped a little song as I danced around him. After mother died, the pen no longer tapped a song but carried a note of frustration and anger. I better get going.

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