Dale is a businessman, woodworker, inventor, actor and now, a first-time author.

Dale was born in Vernon, B.C., and raised in Kelowna, BC. He left home at the of age fifteen and married at age eighteen. Their first son, Eric, came along soon after that, and their second son, Chris, was born when Dale was twenty. At age twenty-eight, he started a stucco construction company, and they had their third son, Michael. Their hands were full, raising three boys and renovating their home while working a business.

Then life, unfortunately, took a not-so-pleasant turn.

At the age of fifty-five, Dale decided to face his fears. He recalls how in Grade Three, he was reading out loud to himself when a student commented. Everyone laughed. After that, Dale never read at school or home again. However, he did read Archie comics from time to time.

Dale started addressing his fears by taking acting classes. After a few classes, he quit and convinced himself he had accomplished his goal of becoming more confident. But he realized that was a lie, so he persisted and pushed forward in his acting.

Then he decided to take up script writing. He took a course with his son Eric, which didn’t go so well.

Dale says, “My teacher told me I couldn’t write, that I didn’t know grammar or proper English. She emphasized I needed to learn this before I attempted to write anything.”

That’s when my best friend, Dave, brought me to a writing class with Carrie Wachsmann. “Storyteller’s Tool Box,” it’s called. I enjoyed the course and did some writing, but I still found the grammar and proper English rules confusing.”

Shortly after that, in 2020, my son Eric unexpectedly passed away. He loved to write and always had a story or adventure to tell. Reflecting on his passing, and walking through the COVID experience, inspired me to try writing again. I talked to Carrie about my struggles, and she offered to coach me in both writing and reading lines.

It’s been just over two years, and I have published my first book! I pleasantly surprised my family and friends, and I even surprised myself. Carrie says she isn’t surprised at all. She says “She saw the potential in me right from the get-go.”

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Dale appears in several commercials and short story videos.

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